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The Enamelist Society Conference 2009,Juried Exhibitions
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The Enamelist Society Conference 2009
August 4-12, 2009
Speakers, Exhibitions, Demonstrations, Vendors and Workshops
It is with much anticipation that this year's Enamelist Society Conference moves to a major metropolitan area: Oakland, California. While the Society is in town they will hold a majority of their pre-conference and post-conference workshops here at The Crucible.

August 1- August 26, 2009

Both exhibitions will be at the Oakland Art Gallery in Oakland, California "Surfacing," a term that means both creating a surface, and rising to a higher plane, is a fitting reference for these two important exhibitions.

The 12th Biennial  International Juried Enamel Exhibition and 8th International Juried Student  Enamel Exhibition, sponsored by The Enamelist Society, will highlight the best  in contemporary enamels produced in the last 2 years. The International Juried Exhibition  will showcase the work of enamelists that demonstrates these aesthetic trends  and technical expertise. The Student  Exhibition, which is always very inspiring, will feature the work of students  in accredited degree programs throughout the world.

Opening Night of the conference will include a gallery reception for the shows and the presentation of awards  for work of exceptional merit in both juried  exhibitions.

Other Conference Exhibitions
Conference attendees are also encouraged to  take part in what is known as an "Instant Gallery", where they can show  two pieces of work in a gallery setting.

Workshop presenters will take part in a special invitational.


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127  납 성분에 관한 미국 장신구에 함유된 납 성분에 관한 미국소비...  [1]  gallery2020 2009/10/06 3610
126  Jessica Calderwood class in Crucible  [2]  gallery2020 2009/10/03 2389
125  WORLD OF ENAMELLING SALOU 2011 / EL MON ...  [1]  gallery2020 2009/09/07 3021
124   Invitation to 3rd International Ename...  [1]  gallery2020 2009/08/03 5262
123  Oakland Art Gallery,Juried Exhibitions    gallery2020 2009/08/02 3251
 The Enamelist Society Conference 2009,Ju...    gallery2020 2009/08/02 8352
121  Live Auction-on line    gallery2020 2009/07/16 5783
120  connection room(August 7-9, 2009 - The E...    gallery2020 2009/03/12 3853
119  500 Enameled Objects 뒷면과 수록 작품  [1]  gallery2020 2009/04/08 2560
118  개인 에나멜 전시도록이나 단체전의 도록.CD 또는 출판물 모음.    gallery2020 2009/03/31 2376
117   500 Enameled Objects    gallery2020 2009/03/25 2304
116  The 22nd International Cloisonne Jewelry...  [1]  gallery2020 2008/11/10 8551
115  42회 일본 작가협회 국제공모전  [1]  gallery2020 2008/05/27 2857
114  크라프트 아원의 초대전    gallery2020 2008/04/22 2727

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